Hi I was given this guitar & amp, not sure who made it ? It has made in japan on the plate holding the neck on & legend on the head. No other names or markings .
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Pictures are way too small dude. I would also suggest using PNG or JPG instead of GIF; they're better suited to larger, still images.
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Yeah, resize the pic's they are too small to see
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I have put larger pictures on In hope they are OK

They're still too small.

Don't use the forum's attachment system. Upload the pictures to a image host such as Tinypic, Imageshack, etc., and then use the embed codes ( (Invalid img) ) on your post.
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i'm probably wrong but i'll guess matsumoku factory in japan.

make a thread and post cavity shots (remove the back plates that conceal the electronics) in the "other single cuts" section of mylespaul. jacco, rebornold, udonitron or others will tell for sure.
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