I have been trying to mod my 2002 mexi fat strat so that I can use a tone pot with the humbucker as I find it harsh to use with my blues deville on the clean channel even with treble and presence at 0. I have been reading about the tone pot mod and looking at vids and wiring diagrams but the "original" wiring that is shown in these vids and diagrams is different to mine. Can anyone advise me what changes need to be made?

My wiring;

Your link doesn't work for me. Assuming you mean this one, I'll give it another try:

Electronics are not my strong point, and I don't immediately see a way to mod it with a cap for the humbucker. I find it a pretty vague diagram, especially near the humbucker since there are one white wire and four black wires going in, but only four black wires coming out.
Are you sure your config on your amp is correct? Purging the treble and presence should dull the sound completely, so is there no pedal in between with a max treble, or any other equalizer option you have?
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I can use a bad monkey to cut the treble further but id like to be able to use my guitar with no pedals sometimes. Im sure there must be a way to do this.