ok so i am primarily a guitarist. i have been using garageband for some time and as a solo musician i am getting increasingly frustrated. what i really need is some software for mac that allows me to preprogramme a complete backing track (bass, drums, synths etc) for a song easily, preferably with the same sort interface as is used with drum machine software, ie put a blip where you want the drum or note to be.
it must allow me to be creative with it in any time signature i want, maybe be able to change tempos midway through the song, must include good and natural sounding instruments and allow me to sample my own sounds for use. if anyone knows of a good bit of software like this please let me know, il be very grateful.

im tired of the endless recording sessions that hardly get anywhere and the never ending production and overanalyzing of every single sound. i want something quick and easy for making great demo's that i can basically record along with while singing and playing guitar so it is more like a performance than weeks of frustrating work.
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What you want is piano roll editing. Garageband definitely has that, I've used the piano roll before. It's not always easy to access or work inside of, but maybe reading up on using the piano roll in Garageband will help you understand how to use it better? Try this:

Perhaps upgrading to Logic will put it more front and center for you, and Logic DEFINITELY has great instruments built in. Not sure about tempo changes, but they must have some sort of options for that.
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thanks so much man il look into all of that, if anyone else has any ideas please tell me
Yeah, logic has tempo changes, not sure about garageband.

Anyway, with your current setup I agree Garageband is your best bet.
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