I have to agree with my good friend Mr MGinty. It sort of boggles my mind how you can nail something as complex as some of the sweep taps an alt pick phrases but then really unfortunately botch the most important parts of this song.

Also one final criticism...while you obviously have some sick chops, you play with no soul or anything. It's like you're just tolerating banging out some notes like a robot instead of really enjoying playing a song.
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Before you cover a song as difficult as this, make sure you get it really right! How come you didn't notice that off-tone bass? Lot of mistakes, no feeling (as Ace said), though it is apparent that you CAN play. I'd give you 4/10.
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First of all,thanks to you for comments I tried to do my best,I tried to feel that but its hard to front of the camera and I noticed that bass difference after 1.37 but it was the best backintrack i have. So,thanks again for criticism.