Hey everybody, I thought I'd make a thread because I have a situation at the moment with setting up my guitar. I recently purchased some 13 gauge flatwounds from D'Addario, and I decided to put them on my MIM Classic Series 72 Thinline Telecaster for Jazz Ensemble (I jumped from 10s roundwound to 13 flatwounds). Needless to say, I think I need to deepen the nut slots, as the low E string isn't sitting proper (harmonics are choked out, sounds palm muted when played). What's the best way to approach filing down the nut slots in this situation? Thank you for taking the time to read this by the way.

Also, on a slightly related note, the tuner for my G string seems to be struggling with the flatwound string, and it refuses to get up to pitch and turn after a certain point. Is it because the string is putting on too much tension (39.83 lbs of tension), or could it be that the tuning machine (fender vintage-style) is loose in some way?

Any answers are appreciated!

You can do the thicker strings with a round needle file. One inexpensive way to do the thinner strings is to buy a set of cheap feeler gauges and cut teeth in them with a file. It doesn't take much effort to widen the slot, so you have to be careful not to make it deeper as well. I mark the inside of the slot with black paint or pencil so I can see where I have cut.