hey guys

i cant exactly explain what version im looking for, which i know is no help what so ever, basically im looking for red house - jimi hendrix. the version from the album "are you experienced" it has a bit of a faster paced intro opposed to all the versions ive found posted on here. im really holding out on a whim that some body else has had this problem lol



That's the version I'm looking for! Guitar pro would be best but I'll take anything I can get my hands on, I even bought the lick library DVD with hope it would be the right version and it wasn't.

It's like that with Jimi, he never plays the same song twice.
That's why I find it useless to learn his solos note by note, you'd better try to get the feeling... (Easier said than done ;-)
i cant accept that nobody has heard this masterpiece and not tabbed it down. if only my pathetic ears could end this trouble for all