I'm using Gibson Les Paul + Vox NightTrain AMP + Vox NightTrain cabinet playing classical music, blues and jazz improvisations.

I'd like to but not very expensive multi-effect foot-switcher or processor to
1- experiment with different kind of chorus- flanger- delay- reverb - vibrato effects
2- to send signal (as the line out) by the usb to my mac for recording.
Could you suggest me something usefull from the Thomamm catalogue

For instance I've found this one( but i'm not sure because I'm not specialist in this area):


Thanks for help,

whats your budget and location as these will help us in recommending something alongside or better than the zoom
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Zoom, Pod, Vox Tonelab all offer these effects and each has strengths and weaknesses. Chorus, flange, reverb and delay are pretty good on all of them as well. The major difference is in how they handle OD, amp sims and programming ease.
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The G3 is what I use on my pedalboard. I tried it against the Line 6 M series when I bought it, and for the effects I use (mostly modulations & delays) it was an equal match but Zoom had the better interface. (No experience with Vox effects).

IMO, you won't find better value than the Zoom G3 or G5 - great effects, and a load of extras like looper, drum sequencer and USB interface all in a nice useable package.
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+1 for the g3, very cool lil box. Very easy to use too.
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I've noticed that tonelab has some preamp (for example in comparison to the vox stomp-lab http://www.thomann.de/gb/vox_stomplab_ii_guitar.htm which is 3 times cheaper) I suppose that having night-train amp I don't need in any extra pre-amps so in my case cheaper might be better (for sound of cource) mightn't it? What another multi-effects might be also considered assuming that I need pedal + good chorus + prevent original tube sound from the lab from some digital post-processing ?
Also what do you think about this pre-amp multi effector
Yamaha AG storm (Accoustic pream)- I've tested it with the accoustic guitar and it has very good chorus and delay. How do you think will it be valuable to test it with the LesPaul too ?) What will be better to buy above mentioned VOX or ZOOM pedal or this YAMAHA(80 euro prise for me).