I found it for 200 got seller down to 150. Its going to be a practice amp for me. I just started taking lessons and figure it would be a great amp. Looks like there is no love on this forum for them line6 Should I back out really I was looking only to spend 100.00 was thinking the fender mustang for 120.00.
It'll do fine for you if you are just learning. In that price range, you're not going to find much (even used).
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used peavey vypyr 30. epiphone valve junior, vox ac4.

+1. All can be found at about the same price or less, all are better than the spider, imo. Also, Vox VT, Roland Cube, Fender Super Champ, same thing. Its pretty easy to trump a spider, imo.

Edit: I should note, if you're just starting out, it really doesn't matter as much, learning and practice and enjoying your new guitar and skills are the important things early on.
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Yep just learning with it. When the time comes for bigger and better I know where to come for advice. I hope playing to the drum tracks will really help me out. My rythem is pretty bad. Probably over kill for learn and master guitar but I'm sure minuete in G will sound good on it.
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If you use the Jam function I think it's worth it.


it's a good practice tool if it operates properly.
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Quote by fly135
If you use the Jam function I think it's worth it.

The play along function can really help you get your timing down
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