Hi, as the title says I want to buy a new guitar and I blocked by this decision about those 2 guitars. I'd like to know your opinion about and your choice.
Sorry for having missed the points, but I'm not asking for which guitar to buy based on something, I'd like just to compare those two models, explaining to me which is better in your opinion and if and when one is preferable rather than the other one.

For completing the post I can add those info if someone want to add something more:
Budget: around 500$
Shape preferred: les paúl style
Conditions: new
Music preferred: hard rock, classic rock, alternative, pop rock (bands like AC/DC, the darkness, oasis)
Location: italy
That's the point, "better" is really hard to define with no context. They're both good guitars. Neither is better than the other. If you're not buying it based on anything then there's no point in asking, right?

I can tell you for instance that the Epi has a bigger low end and I'd choose it for the heavier styles you play. The electromatic is good but the pickups aren't awesome and give you fewer replacement options.
There's also the Bigsby, which is either a plus or a minus depending on whether you'll use it. If you won't, I would not get it.
Depends also on the amp you have. I like the Pro Jet with brighter amp, I think it sounds kind of bad with a dark or smooth amp. It wants to ring/jangle a bit. Again, not awesome for heavier music sometimes but a bit more character than the Epi with the cleans.
Thanks for the opinion. An about the fact that the epi has two separate tone-volume for the 2 pickups while the gretsch no?
That's just because they're different guitars. It's one of the things you have to think about when deciding which you prefer.

I've had a few Electromatics over the years, they're great guitars, but like Roc said it's down to preference when comparing two very different guitars as you're doing. We can't tell you which you will prefer.

Generically speaking, the Epiphone will probably be more stereotypically fitted to the classic rock you're looking to use it for, but that doesn't mean you can't get great tones from the the Electromatic for it as well.

Also remember, your amp is a big part of your sound (arguably more than your guitar), so that matters too. What amp do you have, and what guitar are you currently using with it. It may be that a new amp would be the better investment.
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