Hey everyone,

So I've been playing on an Ibanez Artwood guitar for a few years now (I'm a drummer cut me some slack) but I leave for college in two days and I cant bring it since my sister uses it too. This is for the best I guess because I really should have my own guitar by now anyway. So I was looking at a few and some really caught my eye:

Seagull Entourage Grand Rustic, new 350$

American made Taylor Big Baby, used (barely) 350$

Fender DG20CE, used 300$ (has a few dings, also only guitar with pickup)

As of now I'm deciding between the Seagull and the Taylor. I really like the way both play but I'm just not experienced enough to really tell the difference between what I like and don't like about each. PLEASE let me know your opinions on these guitars since I should really get it tomorrow as it's my last day home haha. Thanks