Hey, I have a student who reqeusted this tune and it took some time but I realized the 2nd string is tuned up to a C from the regular B.

I tried to upload a scan of my tab but it was too large.
Here is a link to the pg. 1 of the tab on my blogspot:


I have not found a program that I like for notation so sorry for the handwritten work.
Please proof it for me and let me know what you think?
Thanks, Jeff
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Jeff, I think you have this in the wrong forum. I believe it belongs in, "Tab Talk".

You can also go to the larger heading, "Guitar Tabs" and make a submission there.

I think "Tux Guitar" will allow you to write tablature. It's sort of free, but you should check into the limitations, (EULA), of "free usage". You can buy it also. IIRC, it's about $60.00, quite low for this type of software.

A direct tab submission, (I believe) would not be permitted, were it hand written.
Hey, thanks man. I have worked with tabledit and finale and there is always limit with them. When you start getting into advanced rhthymic values, repeats, codas etc...I write by hand for my students. My deadlines are pretty tight so I can't get hung up with the limitations of a notation program. I also include left hand, right hand, picking details and all rhythmic values in my tab so it is accurate. I am confused as to why I can't upload hand written tab here since it is more correct musically than 90% of what I see on the site...oh well.