There's a Douglas Goldtop on Craigslist asking $150. I know it must be a cheap knockoff, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. Hard to imagine how a guitar that looks like that goes so cheap.

Do you guys know anything about these guitars? Is it worth picking it up (presumabley for 100-130) and putting some nice pickups in?
Check out the Agile AL2000 Goldtop too
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Well considering you can get a brand new one for $150.......no I wouldn't pay more than $100 if it is in good shape.

Id go with an Agile from the same Rondo site
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Yeah, you're right. I can't believe those go for that new.

Maybe I'll wait and get an Agile or Greco or something along those lines. I do want a Goldtop though.

And a Big Sky. Damn how I want a Big Sky.