I'll try and describe this problem as best as I can and hope somebody can help! I put some new strings on my Epiphone Les Paul after it had been left in my wardrobe for six months (with no strings on). When I play an E at the 12th fret on the top string it plays the same note as though I had played an F at the 13th fret (both sound the same). The 14th and 15th fret also play the same note and the 16th and 17th fret play the same note too. The problem doesn't occur anyway else on the fretboard. I restrung the guitar to see if the problem was down to the way I had strung it but it wasn't. It didn't have this problem before and played fine. Any ideas or suggestions?
Cheers in advance!
change that string.

could be a couple frets lifting slightly, could be aliens.

but it's probably the string or lifting frets.

if the string doesn't fix the issue, have the frets looked at.
Definately high frets.
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Definately high frets.

unless the wind on the strings went whompass and it's got some uncoiling going on.

long shot sure, but possible.

i'd guess lifting frets to be more likely as well though.