Hi, I was wondering if u could help me make my decision beteween these two amps.
The Peavey Vypyr 30 and the Roland Cube 40gx . What are the differences between the sound of those two ? Which one is the most lasting one in terms of durability ? Also ,
which one of those is best suited for metal and has a less 'fake' feel to the sound ? Is it true that the Peavey Vypyr 30 replicates the sound of a tube amp ?And finally which are the pros and cons of each amp as both to sound and durability ?
Thank you
(PS:By fake I mean which one sounds less digital).
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You should ask this in a different forum section....most people don't come to this part.
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This might not be what you wanna hear if youre on a budget but just save a little more and get a used 60w vypyr bc then you can just get actual tubes and its not much more money. Youll be able to play at high levels with drums and everything with great sound and still be small enough that you can easily transport it if you go to friends' houses to play and will sound amazing at lower levels for home practice. I used to have one and it was just the best for so many things(except gigs) I wish I hadnt sold it but I needed money.

You can also plug it directly into a computer to record, it has 3.5 mm inputs for headphones and aux input, does an awesome light show that is more entertaining than it should be, and has a 16 ohm output which is what 4x12s are mostly wired to be so if you ever get a cab you can use it as the head.

You're welcome for the best choice of your life!