It is quite interesting. I have over 65 Phil Keaggy albums. His music ranges all over the place, some with vocals, some without. HIs work with Glass Harp in the early 70s was just insane. Interestingly, when I look to three different lists, rarely does he ever make it:
Best guitarist
Most overrated guitarist
Most underrated guitarist

Where does he fall? Is he so off the grid to where no one really remembers him when it is time for the lists to be made? Is it just because he sampled the CCM market for 15 years or so? He is doing mostly independent stuff now, but still releases an album every year or so.

Maybe he isn't considered by most because of the various rumors (all said to be untrue by Keaggy) regarding Clapton or Hendrix having said he was the greatest ever. Either way, it disheartens me a bit that he is rarely considered for lists, regardless of the list.

First post here by the way.
Love Phil Keaggy's musicianship. The modern-day master of the Boss Loop Station. Had the privilege of seeing him live once with a mentor of mine who recently passed away.

I think Phil is forgotten possibly because he was never in a chart-topping band and never really had any "classic" hits like other guitar players score with their bands. I can't really think of what "that quintessential Phil Keaggy tune" would be.
That's a good point. THe Glass Harp stuff was great, but under the radar really.
I like Glass Harp they're pretty cool for a bunch of christian losers, haven't heard any of Keaggy's stuff outside of them though. Generally no one has high regard for guitarists they haven't heard of though and they just never were popular enough to get mainstream attention like your Clapton's and Page's.
Love Phil Keaggy. The Wind and the Wheat is one of my favorite tunes.
My God, it's full of stars!