Hi everybody

It's Dennis here, I'm a relic guitar builder from sunny UK, and I've currently got a few of my latest models available for sale. What you see in the photos in the website are that of the actual guitars up for grabs. I'm happy to ship worldwide, and it's FREE shipping via global priority.

Feel free to contact me with any questions:


If you have facebook you can also see my work there. If you join DY guitars you'll receive live updates of new guitar models, and special offers and discounts throughout the year. The price of these guitars include shipping, wherever you are I'll ship the guitar for free.


Price of these guitars start from just £399.99 shipped. Hope to hear from you soon!


Dennis can you make me a Dennis the Menace themed guitar? Ty hope to hear from you soon x o x o
Hi mate

thanks for the message. I can certainly do a Dennis The Menace themed guitar. What was it you were after, a strat or a tele mate? Cheers

Can you make a guitar that has a built in amp and fog machine?
It's over simplified, So what!

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I want a guitar, usable in space, underwater, in a volcano and with built in jetpack.
A poem.
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Can you do a K i t c h e n themed strat?
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