If this has been posted before, my apologies, I couldn't find a topic on this issue. This actually surprises me because I've been an avid user of the Boss GT-10 for the past four years and I've had the same problem on each that I've owned. On my second one now, and after about the same time frame as my first one (two years or so) the expression pedal has started malfunctioning the same way: Basically, it started just here and there being inconsistent. I mean, I might back it off, but it wouldn't actually quiet down for a second or two. Now it's become a bigger problem turning the wah on randomly and rarely working correctly. Here's the thing: I'm a control freak with the volume pedal and I'm sure I've over used it on both the GT-10s I've owned. I used to be a cruise ship musician (why I went digital to begin with). I used my first one literally every single night 4-5 hours at a time for about two straight years. Considering all that, I thought it held up well. I had pro coverage through the Guitar Center and got my second one easy enough when I got back on land. I never had to check into solutions to the first one because I just went and got a new one for free. Pro coverage has run out on the second one, now I need to see if I can figure this out myself. What surprises me is that even though I've had the same problem on two consecutive GT-10s (100% of the ones I've purchased) I can't seem to find anyone else who has. I find it hard to believe I'm the only one out there with this issue. Yes I HAVE RECALIBRATED many times, it doesn't really fix the problem, sometimes it makes it worse. I have not tried a factory reset yet, but I suppose that's the next step. I'm hoping another GT10 or similar user out there can give me some advise and hopefully it's an easy fix. I'm going to try opening it up and cleaning it after the reset (if nothing else obvious appears during that step). For the time being, I'm plugging in an external volume pedal and just leaving the one on the board where it is. It's a pain and only a temporary fix. Any suggestions? I'm all ears.
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Try cleaning it first, I'd imagine there is some gunk in there, especially considering that it has been on a ship for most of the time.

Program it out and get an external pedal that can function as volume pedal. I own a GT-10 and haven't had the issue but I don't go that crazy on the volume pedal, mostly use it for wah and fade in/out via the guitar volume switch.

Maybe an amp tech/electronics repairman can look it up further but from what I know it is a big motherboard type of thing so if it is failing it is pretty much sayonara.

Try contacting Boss artist support/artist relations (not customer support), maybe with that much use they could put you on the list of endorsees and you'd get at least a discount on new one.

From overall experience I haven't seen any very reliable floorboard controllers, not for that much use so don't know what to say. Maybe time to move to a rackmount rig with separate floor controller.

BTW - how long do you go on a set of strings? I imagine it is a mess being at sea.
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Yeah that's what I'm thinking too, thanks for the input! I got so use to the convenience of the GT10 on ships that I just kept rolling with it on land (and it sounds AMAZING through my 70s Deluxe) so I haven't plugged in my normal pedals in quite a while. Thing is I basically have it down to the same four or five patches I use all the time anyway, might as well just dig my pedals out (they are nice) and go back to that. Thing I like about this kind of unit is that all those other options are always there (no matter how lazy you are at set up for whatever gig) and, when inspired, having those options available can lead to some cool things. Like I said, I'm a control freak on the volume, but that's become a cool part of what I do live too, been a great learning/development step if nothing else.

Strings... not like land! I'd go broke if I changed them out there. I basically go as long as I can stand it out there. Sea life is pretty routine, if there are routine outdoor (sea salt air) conditions, I always try to make it through the next one. Strings don't last, it's good for about two days, so I look forward to them like I look forward to a good steak. Enjoy it when you can!

Thanks for the endorsement advise, didn't think of that, I'm in a position where I might be able to make some noise that way. Cleaning it, right, obvious first step I haven't done yet!
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BTW, make sure you buy some electronics cleaner before you do that. Radio Shack TV tuner cleaner, I think all Radio Shack stores have these:

I think Deoxit is pretty much the standard all over the world. Worst case scenario I'd use 100% alcohol solution from electronics store.

BTW - I toured for about 3 years with the GT-10 in 4 cable setup controlling a Sansamp PSA-1 preamp going into tube power amp rack setup and don't have a single complaint. It helped a lot as I could ditch the extra midi floor switch and also the 8 or so pedals that I had on another board which had a higher failure rate due to all the cables, PSUs, etc. Only thing I kinda missed was the natural response of my Dunlop wah pedal but it wasn't a deal breaker.
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