So, after fixing a broken footswitch, i got the itch to actually build my own pedal. How do I go about it? What are the easiest types of pedals to build? Where can i get some wiring diagrams? Any advice will be greatly apreciated!
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"Build Your Own Clone" (BYOC) make good kits with clear downloadable instructions, and troubleshooting and modding fora, but they aren't cheap. I've built three. Fuzz circuits are pretty simple as a place to start. You need a reasonable soldering iron, and that's about it.
General Guitar Gadgets is pretty good too. They're a bit cheaper than BYOC and decent quality.
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I started with the Green Ringer from General Guitar Gadgets. You could also take a look at Mammoth Electronics.
Have fun with your build! This will become an obsession you'll be unable to break.
Actually, id love to build one from scratch, not from some kit, but i seriously dunno how to go about that.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
the best option for a first build is without a doubt from a kit as these kits are almost guaranteed to work and come with everything you need. Building one from scratch is more of a pain in the ass than it is fun. But if you insist, then I can point you toward a hendrix fuzz face that you can build on a vero board. Vero boards are also a pain in the ass at times, but they can be built pretty fast.


this circuit is about as simple as your gonna get while getting a decent sound. Fuzzes arent the best of sounds, but theyre easy enough.

note that by building a pedal from scratch, you have to pick out each individual part and choose a proper chassis and figure out how exactly you are going to fit the circuit in said chassis in a manner that it wontconflict with the in/out jacks, battery and pots. Like I said, a pain in the ass.
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I built a couple from scratch based on Joe Gore's Tonefiend site. They're pretty basic distortion-type pedals, but it was a good bit of fun. Even if they sound like 100 other commercial pedals, it's pretty cool to use one that I built myself. There are a couple of web sites dedicated to building your own pedals with plenty of schematics and I've also gotten some good ones from paulinthelab.
The bazz fuss is an easy 5 component circuit. Mammoth electronics has nice enclosure options