I feel like theres the slightest bit of Latency although its hard to tell if theres really any latency delay at all. Im using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface. For the settings in Audio and Midi Settings on guitar rig, it says ASIO for the Driver, Then for the Device i use the Focusrite 2i2, but i read somewhere that i should get ASIO4ALL, so i did and i noticed when i use that instead of the Focusrite the Latency samples on the bottom go from 442 to 512. Im still not sure if i notice a difference with the slight bit of delay though, im starting to think it might not even be a latency issue but something else. What else would be the problem??

Question 2, for my DAW i use Reaper. I just figured out how to setup the Guitar Rig 5 but i dont get any guitar signal coming from the guitar rig. But when i open the Guitar Rig not from the DAW but from my desktop comupter it works fine. How can i get signal from the DAW with the guitar rig on??

Thanks in advance
Chances are you will be better off with the focusrite driver, not ASIO4ALL. It's written specifically for the device you're using so is probably better.

$10 says you've got monitoring disabled. Click the little speaker icon on the track. If that's not it make sure it's armed (red circle button) and you've got the right input selected.
Try setting ASIO4ALL buffer size to the lowest possible setting that doesn't give you any pops/clicks.

Also does the guitar rig's input signal meter light up?
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