Thought I'd share my latest pedal build. I haven't built anything in nearly a year, and this build wasn't without about 100 headaches, but I plugged her in this morning and she screams! Probably the best sounding fuzz I've built yet. Sounds just like the demo (maybe even better!)

Just finished her last night. Here are some pics (she may not be pretty, but she'll kick you in the teeth) :

Guts shot (a little blurry lol):

I took out the 1n film cap. I may change out the transistors today. I managed to get 6 matched pairs out of a batch of 60 transistors (30/each)

Back of the strip board:
Not the prettiest solder job, but this might be the first build where I didn't have to run a utility knife in between the strips to get it to work

All boxed up:
Yes, I know the knobs aren't level lol. I'll probably buy a new enclosure and re-drill it. I have to order some water slide decal paper first though. I want to give this badboy a nice professional look. It's in a 1590b enclosure

In my little bedroom chain with the LED on:
She works! For some reason she didn't the first time I wired it up. Had to redo the whole thing. Good thing I always order 2 of everything

I used this Vero layout (thanks JohnK! You're awesome!):

So... yeah. That's her
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Wow that LED is brighter than the sun!

Have you got any sound clips?
Quote by WeZ-84
Wow that LED is brighter than the sun!

Have you got any sound clips?

Lol yeah, I'm gonna have to start wearing sunglasses while I play.

And no, not at the moment. I'll probably throw a sound clip up tomorrow or Monday.