Ive experienced Bt and Virgin broadband a long time ago and they werent the best for problems or customer service.

Anyone got good or bad experiences with broadband providers? I dont need ultrafast just decent and fairly reliable without hernia inducing issues.

I cant choose plusnet as my credit isnt great and they wont do a direct debt payment.
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I never had a bad expeeience with Virgin.

Generally only good expeeience.
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it sucks that if you want fibre you either have to hope virgin have cable in your street otherwise you have to go to BT.

much better companies that I'd go to if they could do fibre also, but BT make it a huge pain for competition there atm.

I don't who is good for standard broadband right now. I was with O2 broadband like a year ago who were amazing but switched to fibre when they said they were selling their broadband to sky. plusnet seemed good when I was looking at simple broadband packages.

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I had Virgin and they were just terrible with the set-up.

But frankly, I think you'll find someone with a bad experience of almost every company.

I've just left Sky when moving house, and as much as they were good price and good on set-up, the customer service was terrible when trying to leave.
When I left they charged me the cancellation fee twice (and gave no information about how much it would be - I was given 3 different quotes from different people, all different to the actual amount - or any notification when they took the money), and then I had to spend an hour explaining to the customer services guy that I'd been overcharged and was owed money. After a while of him clearly getting frustrated thinking I just didn't understand, he then said "oh I see your account is £21 in credit, do you want that refunded?"
YES OF COURSE I DO. I was in credit because you charged me that £21 twice, as I explained several times!

It was especially interesting that if I hadn't checked through my bank records to see how much they'd taken and then called to complain, I never would've been given that money back, despite the fact I'd cancelled my services. As with most companies, they're very prompt and forceful when they want money, but once they owe you money they just don't bother mentioning it.

I'm currently on TalkTalk which has been very cheap and very good set-up so far.
Never, ever go with BT for anything. They are just generally an all round shit company.

Currently with Virgin fibre, and it's been pretty consistent for the last 11 months.
Sky are ****ing wank.

Virgin are great.

In my experience.
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everything that you've come to expect

With BT. Have been for years. Sure, it's not fibre optic, but 36Mbps is still plenty to stream HD porno Netflix and shit.

EDIT: Also, considering I live in a village so small it hasn't got any shops, 36Mbps is pretty ****ing good.
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I'm with BT. I didn't have much choice when I set up my service; my flat wasn't showing up on the systems of the other companies and BT were the only one that could get me online. Even then, they had to do it in a roundabout way - I had to get a landline with them and then add broadband onto it once it was set up.

It was a bit bizarre, but since they were the only company who could get me set up with service, I ended up with them. They're quite expensive, but I've always had a good connection and no problems. I stayed with them when my first contract was up, because I'd never had any problems, I didn't know whether the other companies might still have trouble getting me service, and I could upgrade to Infinity for about the same price that I was already paying. Now I'm getting 70 Mbps down, 20 up and a pretty damn good ping.
I'll never be a Virgin customer again. I was a long standing customer from the Blueyonder days, So i'd been with them a long time. Recently they sent out an engineer to sort out a small fault and managed to disconnect my internet, TV and phone for 3 1/2 weeks....didn't explain why...didn't even deduct it from my bill even after a crap load of calls to them....

Anyway, got BT in and I haven't looked back....It wasn't until I started using BT that I realised how much Virgin had been ripping me off.


**** Virgin, they're a shower of shit.
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Sky are ****ing wank.

Virgin are great.

In my experience.

Sky owns Virgin. I mean, actually, i.e. monetarily.
wait plusnet do fibre now as well.

wish I knew this before I let my contract renew.

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wait plusnet do fibre now as well.

wish I knew this before I let my contract renew.

The only problem is that the BT Fibre modem we have to use with it (BT line lease) keeps crashing and we suddenly lose connec...
My dad is with Virgin. He's always complaining to me that it's down, he gets disconnected or there are always long amounts of time where it goes slow. I've pretty much replaced everything that could/would make a difference to his connection and the difference it makes is minimal.
And their customer service has been consistently terrible.

I'm with TalkTalk. It's not the fastest or cheapest option, but it's good enough for consistent online gaming and I've had pretty much zero problems with it at all.
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When I lived in the UK, I had O2. Wasn't great. Wasn't the worst.
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originally had aol lol that changed to talk talk which was the best service, no cutting out, consistent speeds generally very good. changed to plus net and had a few problems but not too many generally ok service. in new house have bt fibre it's terrible cuts out at least once a day and i can't really tell the difference between the 10 mbps i had and the 38 i'm supposedly getting now:/. they also disconnected my mums phone line without asking and we had to pay to get it reconnected, then they were 10 days late in getting the line reconnected and even now its shockingly poor quality. bt are dogshit
Virgin, good 99% of the time and when it does break - moaning about it on Twitter usually gets it sorted very quickly, they clearly don't like having any kind of negative user experience out there.
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So far have been with BT, Sky, Tesco and currently TalkTalk. They have all been awful, but BT was by far the worst, especially during peak times.
In the flat I used to live in I could only have Sky and it was God Damn awful. The internet would just cut out for hours at a time for no reason, when I called the customer service number the line was so quiet I couldn't hear what they were saying.

Now I've moved into a house and Virgin was already set up so I went with them, now I am paying a lot less a month and getting much better value for my money.