Hi there !
I'm new to songwriting, and i've tried to compose my first song, so I played it on the guitar and then written it in Guitar Pro 6. Here is it . It ends before bridge or solo (i dont know what to put here). Can you please give me some advices ? Or should i give up ?
First off, don't give up!

It sounds good, but it can get a bit repetitive for me. For the solo/bridge, which do you personally feel should be in the song? Personally, I'd stick a solo in there. UG has a few lessons on how to write solos you could check out if you choose to go that route.

Try humming the solo, or play around with a few scales. If you know what key it's in that can definitely help with writing new parts.
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No need to be give up, no one did a perfect work from the first try you know. Experience make a person perfect. Try again and again you can do the best. good Luck
just remember the core of a song consists of the lyrics and vocal melody. you've written a guitar part, but until you have those it's not considered a song.
First of congratulaitions for your first song. I would like to hear or read he song you have made. I am also new to this place and I am not sure about adding the song in this post. Anyways good luck.