I just bought a Gallien Krueger MB115. Loving it, tone is fantastic, and now I want to record a bassline for my band. I bought an XLR cable, connected the direct output to the POD's Mic Input (which is the only inbound connection for XLR cables on the unit) but nothing happens. The amp just makes noise as usual. I also tried connecting the headphone output to the guitar input on my Pod, but again, no sound.... Am I doing something wrong?
Try going directly into the Pod, and then into the amplifier.
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Yeah, you're doing everything wrong. Hahaha. Don't use the POD's mic input for anything but a mic. Just because it's XLR, doesn't mean it's the same kind of signal. Same thing with the guitar input/headphone output connections. They're not the same kind of signal. Run the bass into the guitar input of the POD, then the unbalanced output from the POD to the regular instrument input jack of the amp. Use only regular instrument cables.

That's if you want to run the bass through the POD for effects and whatnot, and then have sound out of the amp. If you're trying to use the POD as a recording interface... you need to make sure it's one of the models that can do that, and then you should be able to just go USB from the POD to the computer. If you want the amp's tone recorded, using the POD as an interface.. you'll need to take the XLR direct output from the amp, run it through an adapter or combo cable to change it to a 1/4" or 1/8" TRS cable, whichever the POD needs for it's direct (NOT instrument) input.

Also, just as a side note, unless that's the bass-specific version of the POD that you're using, it's going to hurt your bass tone, because it's not meant to handle those low frequencies. I'd recommend just getting a dedicated recording interface, then running into that using the amp's direct output, or by just miking the amp, and cutting the POD completely out of the equation.
Thanks to both of you for the explanation.

Yeah, I'm trying to use the POD as an interface. Previously, for the guitar parts, that worked just fine. Then again, the POD is indeed a guitar amplifier/multiFX and not a bass amplifier.

Do you have any inkling what a nice, basic audio interface would be? Preferably one I could use for guitars as well.

Micing is going to be a problem. In the Netherlands, most houses are so close to each other that my Gallien Krueger will probably rumble and quake half the neighbourhood (especially with that mean low B). I could try micing it at my drummer's place, though. He has a special recording room in the loft.
If you're not using the POD for any bass effects, and just want your GK's tone recorded, using the XLR direct out into an interface would be the way to go. There are some good interfaces by Tascam and Presonus that are like $100-$150, and would be enough for that. And that'll just plug into your computer via USB, and record into a DAW program. They usually come with a free basic version of Cubase or something similar, in case you don't already have a DAW you use. If you go that route, just make sure to use the XLR direct out that's on the face of your GK, near the knobs and whatnot, and not the one that may be on the back of the cab, depending on the model year. If your MB115 has a second XLR output on the back, labeled "Chain Output", that's only for going into their new MBP powered speaker cabs.
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Yeah, I'm trying to use the POD as an interface. Previously, for the guitar parts, that worked just fine. Then again, the POD is indeed a guitar amplifier/multiFX and not a bass amplifier.

The HD500 will work as an interface for your bass, but leave your bass amp out of it. Plug directly into the HD500 and from there into your DAW.

What might work even better would be to hunt around for a BASS Pod XT. It's discontinued, but it was available as a "bean", a footpedal "live" version and as a rackmount. I have the "bean," and paid around $80 for it.

The Bass Pod XT (http://line6.com/legacy/basspodxt ) bean model has:

Discrete Processed & DI Outputs
+4dBu / -10dBV balanced 1/4 Inch Outputs
24-bit A/D and D/A Converters
MIDI In, Out/Thru
RJ-45 Foot Controller Connector
USB Connector for Digital I/O
Headphone Output
Bass Input

And a whole bunch of bass amp and cabinet models built in.

The standard XT and X3 had a lot of bass functionality built in as well (the XT needed some "model pack" upgrades, but these were included in the X3 series), and those might be easier to find.