Ok so, here's my quest: rewire the stock MP tele's humbucker 2-position toggle to operate in series/parallel instead of hum/split (I think I read somewhere that the stock hum is parallel/split?). This seems easy enough for me to do as I just finished the "tone knob mod" for my Excelsior and I can solder pretty decently. Obviously it would be easier to buy those P-Rails I've been wanting and a three-way toggle or push/pull but funds are tight at the moment.

Here's the issue: from what I understand, the stock humbucker is technically a 3-wire? (red, white, green, bare, no black). Are grounds for both coils combined into the green wire? Looking at Seymour Duncan's diagram for series/parallel with a push/pull knob shows green and black wired to the unused terminals of what would be the corresponding stock 2-way toggle (I guess it would be a DPST on/on?): http://www.seymourduncan.com/images/products/electric/specialized/501005-105.pdf
The stock wiring in the guitar seems to be slightly different from the schematic given on fender.com
Here's a pic of my stock wiring config for comparison to the fender schematic (sorry for reflection, hard to get a clear pic of the discocaster :P):

Could I wire the green as shown on the SD schematic and bridge it to the adjacent terminal instead of green on one side and the missing black on the other? Would the ground coming from the third terminal need to be an extra wire? Where would it ground to? Also the box that says that pole will need to be wired to the pickup selector. Which wire from the 5-way selector is needed?

Any help or suggestions would be great at this point as I would love to do this without having to buy anything.
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