I don't know what it is about Russia (or Eastern Europe or wherever this is), but it's a different world over there. If I saw this in my town at least three different people would have stepped in and tried to stop it. Plus that other old dude wouldn't have jumped in he would be on his phone calling the cops. But anyway, cultural differences aside, this is hilarious. That slap at the end is epic.

Thoughts on old man fights? Funny or not? I think they're hilarious, but it's kind of sad these men are way past their prime and are just embarrassing themselves. Ever seen one in person? Also, any ideas what they might be fighting about? My guess is that new 70 year old cutie who just moved in down the hall...

Old men beating the hell out of each other
This is why Putin gets away with murder.

EDIT: Although I easily see something like that happening in Glasgow.
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I don't like seeing fights with straight up malice and anger involved. I only enjoy watching "friendly " competitive fighting.

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I don't know if you posted the other "Brotivation" thread but please just link the video and not the whole article, it saves me the time of remembering not to take you seriously since you frequent a site called "Brotivation."

OT: Old men in OP are still fighting over the Rite of Spring.