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Peanut butter seller has 100% positive feedback.
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Someone should give him a one star review and be like "Received peanut butter, was never opened, recent production date, and it's all there. Seller refused to refund me. Had to eat the center myself."
He couldn't have even bought Jif. There goes my bid.
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Basically the sides of the jar are annoying to retrieve the peanut butter from, a representation of the struggle all humans endure in some form. With some effort and ingenuity we can overcome this and taste the sweet fatty goodness. Just a taste or we get fat with gluttony. For some there is more peanut butter in the centre, others there is only scraps on the side, suggesting wealth and many other inequalities that we are born into. The fact that this will decompose only demonstrates the shortness of our lives, we can not afford to take our time clawing at life's peanut butter .

I give it 7/10. While i appreciate it's deep symbolism, the piece's message doesn't not go far enough.

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It obviously symbolises the emptiness inside of some individuals, only the outside is noticed. If you simply observe, you can see a complete being. It's only once you open up that character, or that jar, that you can see the emptiness inside. That guy you walk past on the street, all those peanut butter jars you see sitting on the shelf, how can we tell what's inside of them? We can't, unless we take off the lid, and that's what the artist is implying.
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This thread made me get up and make a double-decker PBJ sandwich.
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