Hey guys! How's it Going? It´s been a long time since I uploaded the last video because I was very bussy with the University Access Tests and in the few breaks that I had I worked on this video (That can explain my poor playing on it xD)I wanted to learn how to record guitars and video with a more or less proffesional quality, so it was a great challenge for me, hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed recording it!

I'ts been 4 years since I bought this amp, and It still works like the first time I turned it on. I think that it is one of the best practice amps that you can get for that price. It has great cleans, a modern sounding distortion (No, it doesn't sound tube like), 6 built-in effects, and is incredibly reliable (It fell of a 1´5 m high table and when I took it from the floor, it didn't have even a scratch) so i think I'll never regret buying this tiny beast.

All Gear Bought at http://www.malaga8.com/