Hey guys,

Long story short: I have a very hard time playing while standing, and I think this is because of the way I hold the pick.

I kind of fold my right index finger backwards until the tip almost touches the palm, put the pick on top of it and press it down with my thumb. My middle, ring finger and pinky are extended and the pick is pointing at me and parallel to the floor and the strings. Pretty standard, right? This works great when sitting down but not at all when standing up.

I have my guitar strap adjusted so the center of the guitar is right over my crotch, maybe a little higher and when trying to do fast, muted alternate picking for example, the pick slices the string and it sounds and feels just horrible, same goes for simple downpicking or strumming. I even have to turn my hand in an awkward way in order to palm mute.

So, is there any better way to hold the pick when standing up? Putting it between 3 fingers in order to make it perpendicular to the strings feels weird and I'm afraid of losing it.

Any help would be much appreciated!
So you are practicing with the guitar held higher? then u go to play with it lower? u got it slung down like Jimmy Page?
I'm assuming you're new to playing standing up and that's a big part of the problem, it takes time, after a while you'll work it out but also if you're having this problem then your guitar is too low, having your guitar low is great but for someone who's new to playing standing up it's a bad idea, get used to playing standing up, then lower it
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Have the guitar at the same height when you're sitting and when you're standing. That simple.
I'm almost 110% positive it has absolutely nothing to do with how you hold the pick.
Basically what most people said, when your guitar position is different when standing and sitting. You have couple options here.

1. Raise the guitar when you play standing up so you're emulating the guitar position when you sit.
2. Just practice playing standing up until you get used it. You can even start off with the guitar high, then slowly lower it.
3. If you're not playing the guitar super low or low and horizontal, then you can practice playing guitar in the classical position when sitting down to slightly resemble the guitar position when standing.

All in all, basically you'll to practice to get used to playing standing up.
Start to practice while standing up regularly, with the guitar strung high enough to pick comfortable. Gradually lower the strap over time and you will find yourself picking with ease at the height you want.

If you search on youtube, you'll find early footage of Matt Heafy of Trivium playing with his axe strung higher, compared with the lower position we see him using now.