Seems Gibson learn and master guitar is a good lesson program. Never thought I would want to read music over tab. Its really helping me learn where the notes are. Anyone do it all and how did it work for you. So far I just finished lesson 4. Took me about 3 weeks to learn simple gifts and star spangled banner. I really thought it would take a couple of days to learn them guess I'm not as good as I thought.
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This is one of the worst adbots i think I've ever seen.. so much so I'm not even positive if you're an adbot..
Sorry I guess I could of worded it differently. Im not a spam bot. Just want some opinions on the course. I've tried learning by watching videos and looking at tab but it did not work for me.
Scott West's Absolutely Understand Guitar is better imo. It seems more personal somehow.

This is the kind of thing that facebook, twitter, tumblr, and UG's own blogs are for. Since that's all you've done; written a blog post.
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