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Hi. - I got some Mooer pedals which I tried in anger for the first time last night but when I hit the metal foot switch it made an an almighty 'kerfookingclang' noise through the speakers when either going on or off.

Can this be right? - i'm new to pedals but I cant believe that this is meant to happen?

Here's a pic of one

Any help greatly appreciated (holy big pedal pic batman)

Cheers, Neil.
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not sure if it does it with my black secret or not. but pops can sometimes happen with true bypass pedals. i think it can be fixed by fitting a pull-down resistor at the input (don't quote me on that there are other guys round here who are way better at electronics than me), but on a teeny SMD pedal like a mooer that's gonna be a faff and a half.
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