Hey, it sounds great! I really enjoyed it!
There's some fast alternate picking licks there, I didn't expect them! Keep it up!!
Thanks for the reply and we are glad you like it I'm the one on the right and my two main guitar influences are John Petrucci and Jeff Loomis.I grew up learning their solos so alternate picking and sweep picking are my main tools
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Really pleasant, I honestly never took a listen to Al Di Meola work, but I really dig this one, I'll look forward to hear more of you : )

Plus, it takes a lot of skill to "Shred" on an acoustic, and you guys did very well, great job ; )
Thanks for your reply really glad you like it!
To be honest I haven't listened to his work too much either but my father introduced me to this song when I was young and it has always been my dream to improvise on it with an acoustic duet
Both of you guys have some abilities for sure! Great job man. I prefered the motifs the guy on the left (is that you?) played in terms of the faster stuff, but you guys both have some very good feel and articulation. Guy on the left jsut seems a little more loose and fluid with his fast runs. Overall though, you guys did a great job! Would be a fun one to play live