This is one of the first songs recorded with my new band, Cities Gateway. The lyrics and basic melody were written by our singer, and the rest of the band, and myself took what he gave us and added our own touch.

I'm just looking to hear what you guy's think of the finished product. Feel free to post links to your own material for C4C!

Thanks for listening!

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I don't like to comment in too much depth of the composition of people's songs, because style (and hence subjective preference) comes into it a lot. I find the song fairly generic and predictable - but I would assume the simplicity itself is a tool to help create that pop-rock sort of vibe, and not inferring you lack creativity as composers. It's a well-written song, and would appeal to a lot of people. Guess I'm just too accustomed to dischord!

The quality of the recording is very good, and the production is solid too. I would never mix vocals to be that dominant, but that choice does suit the song - and you can still hear everything else in the mix. The drum sounds and especially the driven guitar tone are really sweet.

However, I think that the acoustic strumming part would bode much better without the phaser. There's quite an organic rock sound to the production (which I like), and there's always something unnecessarily "spacey" about the phaser, which detracts from it. Also, this is nitpicking, but I dislike how every fast closed hi-hat hit in the verse is the same dynamic. To a drummer, that has a very amateurish sound - which is a shame - because he plays tight and there's some fairly impressive fills in there too. Ask your drummer if he knows about something often called the Moeller technique, too few use it...

All in all, great stuff. Especially considering it's one of your first tracks as a band.