A buddy of mine was selling an ibanez iceman bass for $120 so I purchased it and glad I did! It sounds great with my Peavy minx 110 bass amp. I've heard I got a good deal but just wondering on how much these go for? Not sure which model it is but it has golden tuner pegs and pickups.
The various Ibanez Iceman models (bass) sell used in very good condition for about US$200.00 to $300.00, though I have seen people ask as much as $400.00 or them. They never caught on big with bassists, but the quality was usually good. HNBD! Enjoy the hell out of it!
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Sounds like the run they did with mini humbuckers rather than soapbars. Tasty.

Yeah you could easily get double what you paid for it but why would you sell it? IIRC, the Iceman basses were actually pretty damn good. Kind of a Gibson sound without the pricetag.
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^ not to mention $200 won't go all that far for a replacement piece of gear haha