It's 07:30 atm and I can't sleep, so I tabbed out and flashed out some riffs I composed yesterday, which turned into Goodbye Stranger, and since I haven't posted anything in a bit I decided to share two other songs I wrote a while ago. C4C is appliable here, hope you enjoy.

EDIT: I wrote another song. Not 100% happy with it, might add a few more riffs, even a solo.

EDIT2: "pretty stuff 3" is finished for now. Don't know if I'll keep it this way.
Goodbye Stranger.zip
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Those were pretty interesting, I particularly enjoyed the third one and so I edited it a bit, see if you like anything, I mainly edited the first and second riff, as well as adding a rhythmic signature change in the open A-add9 riff that I felt made it flow better. Not that anything needed changing, I just had fun messing around with it. Cheers!

EDIT: Of course it's actually F-add9, I was thinking in standard tuning, my bad
pretty stuff 3 edit.gp5
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