hey yall,

i'm currently working on a tab someone else posted, trying to fix it because it was partly wrong and also to add the bass, solo and drums to it.

For info, the tab is beloved horrifier, created by Syphoid. The band who wrote the song is revocation (I highly recommend them, on a side note).

Anyways, can I just work on it and post it to ug when I'm done or how does it work exactly?
I would hate to breach some kind of tab intellectual property law.

I'm also sorry if this topic was already addressed in some thread, but my connection is faulty right now plus, I don't have hours to sift through bylaws and guidelines of the forum at the moment.

Thanks, kenavo.
I know that the original uploader can update the file on the site himself. Judging by that UG will at least allow the original creator/uploader of the tab to 'correct' it in that sense. You might want to contact the original uploader and ask him if he's OK with it, and then send him the file to be uploaded when done.