I am offering free mixing and mastering!

I have a lot of clients on the real life (local bands). and almost all of them, cant play the instrument fluently, cant sing. etc and their songs are bad too.. sometimes im tired with this, i want to work with the band that really can play the instruments.

so i want to have client from the internet,. i want to start it..
maybe i want to start with free mix-mastering service..
am i wrong with this free service?

check out my mix and mastering work > https://soundcloud.com/seventhrecords

if you are interested, send me your band song, i will listen to it.. if i like the song, i will mix your song for free..

Send to my mail : je2_petrucci@yahoo.co.id
or add my facebook to chat about more information https://www.facebook.com/jefriirsyadd