This is only my 3rd attempt at songwriting and recording but I am pleased with the results. The title says 'awesome' but that is only by my own standards and certainly not the by standards of some of the amazing guitar wizardry on here and youtube. I am not big headed. In fact quite the opposite so I really would like your support and I do hope you like it

The slideshow video is basic as I haven't done anything like this beofre but it was made with windows movie maker using a few manipulated images of my own PRS SE Tremonti which I adore.

Advice is always welcome - C4C

I hope you Enjoy \,,/

This will be the last one for a while while I brush up my skills but if you could please leave your comments and support on youtube then I will do the same in return. C4C

I realize this was probably recorded at home, but somehow it had a live feel to it (normally live recordings sound worse, but that's not what I mean here, because audio quality is good....I'm not sure how to put it in words, because I mean it as a compliment in this case). Nothing to gripe about. That was really good! Don't know what else to say. I would give you a like (or whatever it is on youtube), but it is almost impossible for me to post anything on youtube; it's a long story; believe me I've tried posting on youtube before).

Since you made the offer, and you already commented on my two latest songs, perhaps you could review some music of mine that you haven't commented on yet.

Here is my link:

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I have to agree that it has a really good sounding "live" sound. Maybe not what you were going for, but I could see this arrangement being used in an old SNES Megaman X game. Really enjoy it, m'friend! You've got a good amount of skill here, way more than I could ever wish to have!

Have a listen to mine and let me know what you think!

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I can hear the type of song you wanted and well sir, you totally made a good one.

I can already imagine the vocals on it. The good thing is that it can be a wide range of vocals; from Ozzy's old singing to Rage agaisnt the machine style. Its neat (:

A advice with the guitars. Double track them!
If you dont know how just pm me or google it
Its pretty simple

heres my link: https://soundcloud.com/isa-cw/el-arsonista-1
Damn these riffs are sick. Giving you a well-deserved bump dude. I love the dirty sliding riff around a minute in. I can't really hear a bass and that kinda bums me out, it would have made the song much fuller, but you do a rlly good job compensating by adding guitar lines over your riffs and they sound pretty trippy. Reminds me so much of Soundgarden by the end, whichshould be taken as a huge compliment hahah. Keep it up!
Hello there.

Your skill as a guitarist is really good. The composition is pretty sweet - you obviously have a good handle on how to write complimentary guitar parts. Unfortunately I'm not so much of a fan of the sound as others above (personal choice). I'm pretty lame at mixing so what I'm about to suggest should be taken with what a cardiac doctor would call 'an unhealthily large pinch of salt'

I think the low end and low-mid is a bit muddy. The kick is a little lost and so is the snare. I'm not sure if I can hear a pitch shifted guitar being use as a bass (it might just be your rhythm guitar) but it might be worth having a look around your tracks to see what else is occupying the space your kick is using (around 80 - 100hz maybe) and around the snare range (200 - 400 hz ish for the body). The snare might come alive if you boost up around 1-2Khz to get some crack in it.

Anyway, other than that it is a really nice bit of work. Better than any of the riffage I have managed to churn out. Speaking of which....... (plug, plug)

If you fancy a listen then heres some of my stuff


Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
The 'live' sound wasnt intended but i will take the compliment
The odd thing about this song is that it started with a grooovy riff I wrote and then built the rest of the song around it. By the time the song was finished, the original riff was totally cut from the take. I re-included it at the end at 3.39 so it wasnt totally left out

There is a Bass in there but its a guitar to bass preset with Amplitube so it isnt the real thing.
This is the second time someone has mentioned the lack of bass on my songs so perhaps it need more volume.

Thanks for the tips on mixing etc. I dont have any experience with this. All I have done with the EQ is added high pass and low pass filters on the Rhythm guitars as I read that you leave these frequencies for the Bass and lead guitars. I need to get a better understanding of this and practice.

Thanks again for the comments. I will be back in a day or two and I will return the favour