A little G mixolydian jam track I did. One main guitar, bass, one clean gtr for a few overdubs, drums.

Mainly G Mixolydian with an 8 bar section in A aeolian (yes, Im aware its the same notes lol)

The guitar is a $149 ibanez I have had maybe a month now.

Bass is a $219 Schecter 4 string I have had like 2 weeks. Never played bass before but it is fun.

Just showing that one doesnt have to spend $1000s to make music.

Amp is an old Fender stage 185. I have a Carvin 100watt tube amp but I cant turn it up at all in my apt and it is just too noisy even though it sounds great.

Anyway, let me know how it sounds. I have no real clue how to mix stuff etc. I just started learning Reaper ad it is a steep learning curve

I dont have a soundcloud acct yet.



I mixed it on cheap Altec monitors with a subwoofer. I notice on my laptop I cant really hear the bass
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