I've decided I want to learn how to play guitar and I have the a ton of free time as well as the motivation to stick with it and get good. So I'm looking to get my first electric guitar, and I'm on the lookout for something proper that I'll stick with for a while and that also sounds great.

Here's the important info

Total budget is 335 euro. This must include the guitar and an amp+cable.

New or Used?
Used or new, either is fine, as long as I can find something good for my money.

I live in Denmark, so prices here are probably a lot higher than in the US.

I don't know much about guitars, but one thing to consider is that I have quite small hands. The length of my hand from my wrist to the top of my middle finger is just under 17 cm (6.6 inches) and 19 cm from the end of my thumb to the end of my pinky if I stretch out my hand.

Also important to note, that 90% of the time I will be practicing with headphones on, as I'm living with other people in a relatively small apartment, and sometimes at off hours. Don't know if this plays a role in the quality of the Amp i should get.

Don't know enough about guitars to know what I'm looking for here.

Current Gear?

Favorite Artists?
I would like to play mostly soft rock / melodic or mellow rock, pop rock and popular music in general, and perhaps some classical. I'm looking for a guitar with a very clean sound, and I'm not really into metal / heavy metal or blues, atleast to begin with.

Some bands I like to listen to are stuff like Muse, Radiohead, Kashmir, Mew for the rock, but generally also all sorts of popular music.

To give general examples of what I'd like a guitar to sound like, here's a few:





I had been looking at some reviews of starter guitars, and there are two models that has caught my eye.

Currently I'm leaning towards the Yamaha Pacifica 112, as I've read good things about it for it's price.
Dilemma is that the 112j one is €222 which means I would have over €110 for a decent amp as well.
But the 112V seems to me like the better guitar, but it's €274 euro (on Thomann), which means there isn't much left for an amp.

The other one I was considering was an Epiphone Les Paul Special 2, which is included in a starter pack with amp, cable, and other stuff for €295 here:

Seems like a decent buy, but as I understand it, the Les Paul is more geared towards metal sounding music due to the way the pickups are placed? Or am I wrong? I wonder if it can produce the kind ofl sound and tone that I'm after, which is the more poppy/softer tones.

Of course open to other options, and any and all suggestions are welcome.
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A lot of people (Including myself) are metal people on here, but I'm sure there's a few of us who like to dabble in softer styles too, but this is what I'd recommend...



Just when you said about smaller hands
Bass Gear:

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I second the Modern Player Jaguar Fisheth24 recommended. P-90s are halfway between a single coil and a humbucker sound-wise. Warm but without the ice pick bite that plagues some single coil pickups.

For the amp, I'd have to recommend the Fender Mustang 1.


The Fender clean sound is legendary and judging from the songs you posted, you seem to want clean or slightly overdriven sounds which is what the Mustang does best. I have the Mustang so I speak from experience.
I agree with Fisheth24 and darrenram1's recommendations.

The Fender Modern Player Jaguar for 222€ is excellent value for money, and as far as the amp goes, the Fender Mustang I v2 would be more suited for what you want, IMHO.
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Given your hand size, you'll probably appreciate a shorter scale guitar (24" or 24.75") rather than a strat-scale instrument (usually 25.5"). Thus the recommendations you're seeing for the Fender Jaguar(which has a 24" scale). Most Gibson-style instruments are 24.75".

You will see options for "short scale" instruments, such as this SX Liquid Short Scale (it normally has a 25.5" scale): http://www.rondomusic.com/Liquid%20rn3TSSHORT.HTML This one is on the RondoMusic site, but SX is a brand that appears throughout Europe as well. Douglas is another budget brand that appears in Europe, and they have a number of 24.75" scale guitars, such as this one: http://www.rondomusic.com/cetihum2ts.html

Les Paul and SG-style instruments will have 24.75" scale lengths as well. The cautions here are that, in spite of their great popularity, the LP is a fairly heavy guitar and the SG style guitars can be neck-heavy (rather than balance in the strap, the headstock will pull the guitar down on that end).

There are a number of solid-state based amplifiers (including the Fender Mustang series recommended by Linkerman, above) that will allow you to practice with headphones.
Thanks for the suggestions, appreciate it. Think I'll pick up that amp at least.

Was down at the local guitar store today and they had a slightly used Fender "Mexico Standard" Strat for sale at €295. While this is a bit more than what I originally budgeted for, it seems like a very good deal.

Should I take it?
if it's in really good condition, that sounds pretty decent. new price is around 500 euros, judging by thomann. that's probably about bang on for a used price, but the condition is what's important. if it looks like someone stored it in the rainforest that's a terrible price, but if you'd have to be told it's even used and would think it's new if not told, then that's a pretty good price.
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