Just thought I'd post my second go at building a guitar amplifier on here as I went along.

My first attempt can be found here:


For this amplifier I wanted to achieve a few things...

- An all aluminium chassis that was also the external shell of the amplifier. Much like Lotus cars I wanted to save weight by all structural pieces serving as many purposes as possible.

- A design that is completely different from my first, smaller, stronger, lighter but without losing any of the sound quality.

I hope you'll enjoy this thread, here is my design. The first pieces of metal work should be ready this week so will post then. If you've got any ideas you think I should try along the way please let me know.

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cool. will the whole front panel be 1 single piece?
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Hi busyta,

Yes it will be one piece which will also be the main part of the chassis and also will wrap round the bottom to the back where it will be the rear panel as well.