I've been playing guitar a little over a year now. I know my scale shapes, chords, bar chords and what not. My problem is trying to put it all together to make it sound good like when you hear it played on a song. I know I wont be able to play as good a professional with only a year of experience but what are your thoughts about where to go from here. I feel like I'm missing a piece of the puzzle. Thanks for your help!
Moved to MT as it's not really a technique issue
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pick a few of your favorite songs and get the chord/lyric chart or tab chart and learn to play songs all the way through with the recording. if you can figure out the underlying key that your in it would be good to noodle around that scale along with the original recording or backing tracks and have fun exploring some soloing. don't worry if you sound bad that's part of the learning process.
for example: you find a 12 bar blues in G to learn. learn the chords. basic strumming along with the recording, get your changing smooth. then play a G minor pentatonic and a G major pentatonic scale over the song and play around in time and just freely. have FUN. hope that helps
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