Hey everyone!

I used this website for quite some time in the past and remembered I had registered 2 years ago. I cannot recall browsing these forums - so here I am!

I have been playing the guitar since I was 14-15 years old. Unfortunately, the last couple of years (~5) I have lived through a living hell. I am in my second therapy to beat Leukemia, hopefully there won't be a third.
During the years of therapy I pretty much stopped playing the electric guitar entirely, other than occasionally picking it up and being demoralized. My skin was way too fragile, with an impaired immune system any kind of wounds are a big no-no. I'm slowly recovering, even though my immune system is still being surpressed, and am looking into picking up this amazing hobby again.

What would be the recommended sub-forum for me to ask for advice about the gear I own, whether it is suitable for my needs and advice (for example how to use my amps properly), as well as looking into recording (and even wanting to learn to play the drums - starting a life anew, or trying to..). Or should I spread this call for advice across a few different sub-fora?

Anyway, nice to meet you! Hopefully, in time, I'll get to know a couple of you. Can't wait!

Kind regards


Hope things get better!
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You'd get the best answers in the individual forums for your particular topic of interest.

My God, it's full of stars!