Can anybody explain to me why many of their models only have 2 knobs, one for master volume and the other for tone?
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presumably either because that's the layout they think people want or it costs less (both in terms of parts and also labour to wire it up) than more knobs.
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That's the standard layout. However if you buy the active pre-amp and the active electronics, it comes with like 6 knobs. Also you can do what's called an Option 50 and have them wire it however you want, you just have to call them, see if they'll approve it and you'll have to pay extra for it. I know one specific instance, there was a guy who wanted no wiring done. He drilled the holes into the body himself and did his own pots and switches because he wanted it done a certain way. The best way to know if Carvin will do something, is to call and ask.
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Can anybody explain to me why many of their models only have 2 knobs, one for master volume and the other for tone?

Because a lot of their customers want them that way.

You'll find a lot of guitar manufacturers (PRS and others) have that setup as well, and honestly, a lot of people don't feel they're missing anything by not having 2T and 2V knobs for a pair of humbuckers.

Carvin does make a 2T2V setup available on some of those guitars if you prefer -- ask 'em. And in fact, Carvin guitars with active preamps have four knobs, but one is a master volume, the second is an active treble boost/cut, the third is an active bass boost/cut (up to 15 db in each direction) and the fourth is a blend knob.

Carvin isn't doing this to scrimp on controls; many of their guitars have three or four miniswitches (I have several with individual coil tap switches and a phase switch or bridge pickup add-in switch on the three-pickup guitars). Still others have a full suite of volume and EQ and additional piezo controls and MIDI selection tools for the guitars with piezo saddles.
well. right. so you are mostly reffering to their CT carved top series. they are a pretty solid knock off of a PRS. i mean, i own one and love it but lets get real. its a PRS clone. so in that respect of a clone, the layout is similar.

secondly, many many guitars have 1 tone and one volume. really les pauls made the 4 knob famous. i dont really see 2 knob as a downside.

secondly, most of their CT series have a push pull coil tap. i have actually upgraded mine for a phase splitter in teh volume, so i have both. that gives me more functionality.

another reason is that its hard to drill a bunch of holes in a carved top and takes away from the look and the curvature of the top wood. ever see a 4 knob PRS? most guitars with a bunch of knobs have flatter tops. yes les pauls have a carved top, but certinly not as curvey or narrow as a PRS style. i personally dont see a clean way to get 2 more knobs on my guitar without getting them all angled or jacked up.

carvins CT series sertainly is now as tweakable as their DC or bolt on series. if you really want ALL that and a bag of chips, get yourself a DC series with all the electronics options. clearly the people who purchased a CT wanted a different style.

and yeah you can do anything custom you want, but it blows your return policy. if i was buying a 2nd carvin i would do option 50 cause i know what they offer and its amazing. for my first, i was hesitant.
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