Its a solid song!

The snare is too loud in my opinion tho! Other than the mix is good
Mind telling me your influences?
Your mixing is really nice, specially your bass tone. I also think the snare is too loud. You could try a multiband compressor in your guitar, when you palm mute there are some frequencies at around 100-300hz that are building up a little bit.

The composition is amazing, I just felt you could use some more guitar leads, but since you're using synths it's not a problem at all.

Keep up the good work friend!
Interesting electric bass tone. I like many of the guitar riffs (some are a bit repetitive though, even if that is common in djent-y music), the reverse guitar sounds are cool. Drums are good. Some good vocals would be nice. Sounds good! Mix is good also. Perhaps you could review my music at this link: