I'm curious about what the guitarist is using on this track here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XyELyu18NI

It first occurs at :41, 1:01 and occurs throughout the song at various points

Sounds like it could be a sort of chorus effect, but it's very spacey and clean-sounding. I approximated using a delay w/ modulation but it wasn't really right.
I've heard compression was used for that 80's new wave guitar sound but I'm not familiar with its use

Also, in the chorus it sounds like he's playing C Maj (starting on 4th string, 5th fret), and D maj (4th string, 7th fret) but the D maj sounds fuller to me. Is he playing additional notes on the bottom?

Thanks for any help
It's a chorus.
Lots of depth.

If you wanna know about compression, read the wikipedia article about dynamic range compression.

In short, it makes the volume of everything more even.
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it's thick chorus, with a light flanger, then some reverb, the trick is in the levels, it's hard to tell what effect it is because it's several on top of each other