Hello everybody my name is George and I absolutely love Paul Gilbert he's my favorite guitarist and racer x are my second favorite band. I'm going too write a list of a few Paul Gilbert tracks I love and why I love them and I'd like people to comment with their own favorite Paul Gilbert tracks and reasons for why. Also for the thousands of people who don't know who Paul Gilbert is I'd like to give them a chance to listen to his awesomeness.


Paul Gilbert - The curse of castle Dragon.
This is my utmost favorite song by Paul Gilbert. He really makes me feel with his great use of harmonic minor arpeggios. And he shreds like a boss.

Paul Gilbert - Gilberto Concerto.
Simply put, this song made my ears dance and my feet listen.

Racer-X - Technical Difficulties.
This is up here because the technicality of Paul Gilbert's lead guitar in this song, literally deserve medals.

Hope everybody gets involved!!!!!!
To much treble and reminds me of Sheldon Cooper, but a great alternate picker and great guitar teacher