gday everyone

iv been ****ing around with my acoustic in open c and open cm. i keep trying to find stuff but all people seem to say is "ermagherd john butler ermagherd"

no disrespect to him hes a ****ing gun but i just am looking for something a little...darker.

so yea does anyone know any songs in open Cm or open C? open to any ideas, but id prefer more gritty darker sounding songs. nothing too hippie and surfy please. also id prefer to use a pick but thats not important. something thats challenging too not just strumming.

cheers all
Don't be mad but...

John Butler Trio's Devil Running is pretty heavy, although its Open C dropped down a half step.

Dance in the moonlight my old friend twilight

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Anything by Devin Townsend or Strapping Young Lad. His music goes EVERYWHERE, from hippie-style ambient to serious Death Metal and basically everything in between, and he's basically been playing in Open C for decades. You will not be disappointed.
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