You could make one, Just cut out the shape with a jigsaw in the plastic (hips works i think) and then drill out the pickup holes and sand all the edges with a very fine wet/dry sandpaper. HH scratchplates for strats are almost impossible to find however you could try ebay. Im assuming your in America? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stratocaster-guitar-humbucker-HH-pickguard-3ply-black-fits-fender-brand-new-/110677590162 there is one for UK.
A strat pickguard should be a close enough fit for a squier.

There might be some work to do to get it to fit well - When I fitted a different pickguard I had to drill a couple of new screw holes in the body as I had an 11 hole guard and the body had 8 holes and a couple of them didn't quite line up. I also had to file the pickguard so it would fit properly around the bridge and neck pocket. If you go slowly and carefully it will look good in the end.
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I dont want to make my own, and I dont want to drill more holes in my guitar body. (i have an 11 hole body)
If you have an 11 hole body then make sure you get an 11 hole pickguard. You probably won't have to do any drilling that way.

If you get an 8 hole pickguard there may be some holes that don't line up.

The one you linked from greasygroove should be ok.
What is their returns policy? - you could always buy it and see if it will fit and send it back for a refund if it is not right.