i'm not a terrorist or anything, but I think terrorists really need to set more realistic goals.

I read this article where they apparently claim they want to drown the US in blood, Come on guys, how do you even think that's possible?

threats are threats sure, but this is just silly isn't it?

maybe just take a few steps back and burn some flags or something.

Like, remember that one kid in school who'd get super angry and would run around 'kamehameha'ing everything

It's like that

It's over simplified, So what!

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Maybe they should just aim to give the US a single coat of blood?
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I'm pretty sure blood is code for candy. If they said candy people wouldn't be afraid of them anymore.
It's a figure of speech and nothing more.

Figuratively =/= Literally
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This goal is pretty unreal

It's pretty cool, but the ball was over the line before he kicked it. Doesn't count.
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It's a figure of speech and nothing more.

Figuratively =/= Literally

they're actually the same words
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