I made this brief tone demo today and wanted to know how to get a similar tone without a lot of equipment and money. Please excuse the poor quality of the recording (I used recorded through the computer using Audacity) and playing (I thought playing major 3rds would bring out my tone). I think major thirds have a wobble effect to them. Here's more info:

"This is a test/demo of my guitar tone on 08/19/2014. I made it by recording my guitar through Audacity using 3 different amps (Rocksmith Tone cable, Marshall MG15, and Fender Rumble) and connected through 5 pedals (Wylde Wah, Phase 90, Bass Big Muff, Boss DS-1, and Boss Chorus Ensemble). I then recorded different settings on Rocksmith 2014 and heavily reverbed all but one of them into the background. Do you know a way to get a similar tone without a crap-load of equipment. I describe the tone as Norwegian Black Metal with hints of Scott Pilgrim Bass. I personally like this tone but would like a more subdued version."

Link to tone

On an unrelated note, does anyone have a midi or tips (to obtain the rhythm) for the Katz (Courage The Cowardly Dog) beat? It's one of my favorite beats but no one's transcribed it yet. I mentioned it in another thread but nobody's responded. Anyway the tone is the main thing but I wanted to throw that in here.

Have a nice day.
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Super Buu (DBZ) on assimilation (it could also apply to blues guitar and guitar soloing in general).
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